Lady GaGa Emotion Revolution Summit 2015 ?

послушать песню лазарева на евровидение 2016 Lady GaGa speaking at Yale for the "Emotional Revolution" Summit. Машина леди гаги. I LOVED the entire conversation. Brilliant Beyond Words! It was so Powerful! This part, in particular, is one of my most favorite parts. I can definitely relate to it. I am SO Proud of GaGa! I really loved what She had to say. It was filled with such profound insight. The Summit felt, sort of, like an AMAZING Spiritual Workshop! I really wish people will HEAR Her and Wake Up!! ? I Love You Infinitely & With All of My Heart "Stefani, GaGa, Hybrid Person" ?"I have some sort of anxiety depression something that's changed my whole life. I take anti-depressant medication for it. I have tried to get off of it my doctor always tells me not to that it's not safe for me to. whenever I've tried to I've gotten very neurotic, manic, sick so I have had to study all different types of ways but I was thinking to my self why is it that I have to dig into all these different areas to figure out how to function why don't like... there's no way that I have at my finger tips as a, you know, public figure... It's not possible that I have the resources that other kids have. So this is not fair. I started looking into Ayurvedic medicine. I started looking into Mindful Medicine and Meditation. I started looking into a mantra. I do acupuncture. I do cupping. I pray sometimes. I make music. I write Poetry I am an actress now; that's helped me a lot. But so these are the things that I started to do but what helped me the most that I want to impress upon all of You is that I realized that part of my identity is saying NO to things I don't wanna do. And you are all in school and you all have a lot of teachers and a lot of people around you that tell you all day what you have to do but it is your right to choose what you do and don't do. it is your right to choose what you believe in and what you don't believe in it is your right to curate your life and your own perspective you are not here to be a puppet for Yale. That's not what they want, am I wrong? That's not what they want. What they want, I believe, is a thorough bred kind of passion and that comes from an extreme amount of integrity and knowing who you are. And I have had to make decisions like, "Why am I unhappy?". OK... OK Stefani, GaGa, Hybrid Person why are You unhappy? Why is it that you wanna quit music; couple years ago. I was like well I really don't like selling these, you know, fragrances; perfumes. I don't like wasting my time spending days just shaking peoples hands and smiling and taking selfies. It feels shallow to my existence I have a lot more to offer than my image and I don't like being used to make people money. I feel sad when I'm over worked and that I've just become a money making machine and that my passion and my creativity take a back seat. That makes me unhappy. So, what did I do? I Started to say NO. I'm not doing that. I don't wanna do that. I'm not taking that picture. I'm not going to that event. I'm not standing by that cuz that's not what I stand for and slowing but surely I REMEMBERED WHO I AM and then You go home and You look in the mirror and Your like YES I can go to bed with You every night. Cuz that person, I KNOW that person. That person has balls. That person has integrity. That person has an opinion. That person just doesn't say yes. That person doesn't get a text from some body and say OMG they wrote this and um they sent this emoji should I write this back? What do you think is that OK to say? Are they gonna like me if I say that? Should I say something different? This is the age that we live in we're not actually communicating with each other we are UNCONSCIOUSLY communicating lies. I wanna explode that today and break that with all of You as much as possible and um hello... and so that's what I would say so my long answer to that question is that I check in with myself throughout the day and I say do I really want to do this? And if the answer is no I don't do it and You shouldn't either." ~ Lady GaGa ? 95 квартал песня кошевого. Lady GaGa Emotion Revolution Summit 2015 ?
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